Modern scientific evidence is now overwhelming that fluoridation of drinking water is harmful and there is no significant reduction in tooth decay, as has been alleged in the past 40 years. Over 2400 Professionals' (including Doctors, Dentists and Scientists) have now moved to call for a worldwide ban on Fluoridation. Five percent of the world population is fluoridated of which over 50% live in North America; 99% of western continental Europe is not fluoridated for a variety of reasons. Many countries cite health, civil liberties or environmental concerns for rejecting, banning, or discontinuing artificial fluoridation.

Health Freedom NZ in conjunction with the Fluoride Action Network NZ (FANNZ) have launched a national campaign for an urgent review on fluoridation in light of recent damning studies. FANNZ have spent many years laying the groundwork educating the public and public servants alike to the dangers of fluoridation. Their view is now joined by thousands of professionals who have changed their position calling for a ban on fluoridation.

In this clip from the Professional Perspectives documentary series, Dr. Bill Osmunson, General and Cosmetic Dentist of 30 years, spent 25 years promoting fluoridation until he began to look at the scientific data for himself. He speaks out about the dangers of water fluoridation. 



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