March 2009

We are pleased to announce the launch of a nationwide campaign for a Fluoride-Free New Zealand. Before we discuss the campaign launch with Fluoridation Action Network (the organisation we are co-operating with for this campaign), lets review why we do not support fluoride in our water:


  1. Fluoride is toxic and its dangers far out weight the alleged benefits.
  2. Fluoridation does not improve dental health according to recent large scale studies.
  3. The US Public Health Service advises against the use of fluoridated water in babies bottles due to health risks for infants.
  4. Fluoridation is enforced medication against an individual’s free will to choose.  We have a right to choose whether we want to be medicated or not.
  5. It is illegal for Doctors to prescribe medicine without a private consultation.  Why then are Councils in a position to be prescribing without a private consultation?

Many countries, including the whole of continental Europe, do not add fluoride to their water because they have decided it is unsafe, ineffective and unethical. 30 regional councils out of 75 in New Zealand fluoridate with many under pressure to follow suite. You can find a list at this address:

Here is the Launch Strategy from FANNZ – we encourage you to join the ranks and help us mass educate the country and turn the tide.

Launch of National Campaign for a Fluoridation Free New Zealand
from FANNZ -

Fluoridation is an un-safe, unethical, ineffective, out-dated and inappropriate form of mass medication. The independent research is clear and the time has come for the people of New Zealand to demand that this toxic waste from the phosphate fertiliser industry be removed from our public drinking water.

The right to refuse chemical medication is a basic human right - the right to drink fresh water which does not contain toxic industrial waste.

A national campaign to return New Zealand to a Fluoride-Free country is being launched by a number of organisations throughout New Zealand.  This is a co-ordinated effort and involves citizens from the length and breathe of the nation.

A national petition is being launched in May and will be presented to Parliament early next year.  There are also local meetings and a National Day of Protest in October.

Are you concerned about your health, your freedom to choose, and this method of forced medication? Your efforts will contribute to our success, join us and take action!

We are looking for local co-ordinators and team members for each area. You will assist in the co-ordination and distribution of petitions, local meetings and presentations to groups in the area - and organise public speaking engagements for yourself or others.

We are also calling for people who are unable to take a lead role but willing to assist, and organisations that are in support of this cause.

Organisation currently involved in this campaign:

Fluoride Action Network New Zealand (FANNZ)

Health Freedom New Zealand

The Safe Food Campaign

The Weston A. Price Foundation NZ

NZ Academy of Oral Toxicology

Please email Mary Byrne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if

  • you are willing to be a local co-ordinator
  • you are willing to help the local co-ordinator
  • your group would like to support this campaign