Michael Connett Fluoride Action Network (FAN) USA reports: 2007 was yet another important year in fluoride research, with studies not only questioning long-held views about fluoride's benefits, but raising new concerns about its impact on human health.

To give an indication of this recent research, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has selected the “Top 10” scientific developments of the year. They are as follows:

1.   New Evidence on Fluoride & the Developing Brain

2.   Fluoride, Arthritis, and the Specter of Misdiagnosed Skeletal Fluorosis in the US

3.   CDC Releases New National Data on Dental Fluorosis in American Children

4.   Silicofluorides Linked (Again) to Lead Exposure Risk

5.   NRC Panelists Release Risk-Assessment on Fluoride

6.   Low-Level Fluoride Linked to Sperm Damage in Animals

7.   U.S. Dentists "Unaware" of Recent Fluoride Research

8.   No Link Found Between (Low-Fluoride) Bottled Water and Tooth Decay

9.  Fluoridated Water for Adults: Very Little, If Any, Benefit

10.  Second Thoughts on Water Fluoridation


For more scientific information you can visit New Zealands Fluoride Action Network (FANNZ) and the international Fluoride Action Network home page.