It has become apparent that there is a lot of misinformation about the professed benefits of the Natural Health Products Bill for the natural health products sector. The NZ Health Trust has been asked to provide a survey to assist those directly affected by the Bill to understand its effects on their business.  ###   Click here for the survey   ###

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From: Health Freedom NZ Trust

A brief summary and extended discussion of the consequences of the pending Natural Health & Supplementary Products Bill (formerly the Natural Health Products Bill) currently in Parliament.

This is a very complex Bill with many unacceptable aspects. Due to the need for brevity and clarity we have restricted our comments mainly to aspects that will affect consumers.

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Review our latest letter emailed and posted to all current MPs on the 18th Aug 2015. The current Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill is about to undergo its third and final reading with broad support. This bill is no better than the TGA bill that failed to pass into law several years back, and it delivers the opposite of what was outlined in the Joint Industry Proposal as agreed to by the Minister of Health in May 2009.

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Submissions for the Natural Health Products Bill are due 24th February 2012. Need help writing your responses to the NHP Bill? Click Here For Templates and offending clauses.

After consulting with analysts, members of the natural health industry, our panel of experts and board of trustees, Health Freedom is now in a position to give you more information to help you draft your submissions for the Natural Health Products Bill.

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