During the course of the campaign against the Anti-Vitamin Bill, Health Freedom New Zealand used red umbrellas as part of the campaign in honor of the courageous Canadian woman who fought for their Health Freedom at the steps of the Canadian parliament.

The Red Umbrella has become the symbol of Health Freedom because of its powerful message that something so small and simple can change the course of history. The red umbrella symbol honors a group of nine women who had come together from across Canada to defend the right of access to a high potency vitamin and mineral supplement called EmpowerPlus, and demand that medical research on EmpowerPlus be allowed to continue. 

EmpowerPlus is a supplement that the pharmaceutical friendly Health Canada has made illegal by declaring it to be a drug in need of a drug identification number (DIN). Health Canada also closed down studies of the supplement when it began to show promise of curing depression and bipolar disorder stating if it was that effective it must be a drug.

Because of the systemic discrimination in favor of pharmaceutical drugs, the natural supplement EmpowerPlus will not be able to make it through the hoops of the drug model to get a DIN as it is a natural product and cannot get a patent. Click here to read the full story of the red umbrellas.