A Consultation Document for The Development of a Natural Health Products Bill is before New Zealanders and the Government has asked for your response. Health Freedom NZ support the efforts of the National and Green Parties who are responsible for bringing in sensible regulation, however we have concerns about some of the details that their officials have drafted that would see your access to consumer choice being denied.

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The Anti-Vitamin Bill was introduced to the New Zealand Parliament in 2005 by Annette King. This legislation if passed, would have ratified the Joint Agency Treaty. The main purpose of the Bill was to hand over the jurisdiction and control of the pharmaceutical, medical devices and natural products industries in New Zealand from our Parliament to an off shore corporate entity set up under Australian Corporate Law. This would have handed over our sovereign rights to an offshore corporation that has no accountability to the constituents and consumers of New Zealand.
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Medsafe Declare Silent War on Natural Health Practitioners & Manufacturers - In 2007 Medsafe began, what can only be called, a modern day witch hunt within the natural health industry. The bureaucracy began warning companies involved in the manufacture, distribution and advertising of natural products that any product they claim to have therapeutic use or benefit will result in significant consequences, including seizure of stock and prosecution.

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The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) is the Australian “regulator” of drugs, chemicals, medical devices and nutritional supplements and herbs which it calls “complementary medicines”. The TGA is a statutory body, created by an act of Parliament over 27 years ago. Its motto is “to ensure the safety of all Australians”. 

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday 4th November 2008
Health Freedom Spokesperson: Nicola Grace

Prime Minister Helen Clark announced to a group of Hamilton Students that “we will push ahead with this Bill (The Anti-Vitamin Bill).  We need a trans-Tasman regulator.  We intend to proceed”, but has remained deafeningly silent to the media, considering this was a favourite Bill of the Government who failed to get numbers for its passing at second reading. 

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"Anti-Vitamin" Bill Campaign Achievements

February 2007: Health Freedom launched it’s first protest action in Auckland under the banner "Our Health Our Choice" Say No to Aussie Rules. Approximately 350 people attended the first march up Queen Street to Myers Park. The action was reported on the 6 o'clock news on TV3 and TVNZ One as well as Radio New Zealand.

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