This documentary exposes serious concerns about the safety and effectiveness of New Zealand's MeNZB parent vaccine. The documentary is about a journalist who promoted the original trials of the Norwegian meningococcal vaccine. Revisiting the promotion, results and aftermath of the clinical trial, Connie Barr discovered, to her regret, that she and the public had been misled. The Vaccine Experiment features three professors of medicine expressing grave concerns about the vaccine and an alleged cover-up of adverse reactions. 

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Health Freedom encourage you to become informed on Vaccination from information independent of that provided by drug companies and Government health warnings, which are heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical drug industry.

You have legal rights to choose without coercion for vaccinations that apply to yourself and your family. Free choice is compromised in an environment of mis-information. The following websites provide a wealth of information and we encourage you to become informed by checking these and other respected and independent information sources.

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