The vaccine debate is a difficult issue to grapple with, and usually most relevant for parents raising children. You have likely found your way to this page through genuine concern for making the best healthcare decisions for yourself and your family. Health Freedom NZ position is pro choice for vaccination, provided in an environment of balanced information and non-biased scientific fact.

Over the decades vaccines have been the result of advancing technology and honourable intentions by scientists and medical health professionals, and they have offered solutions to a number diseases affecting humanity. But we are concerned by the influence of profit interests, the increasing skill of government lobbyists and the considerable contribution of drug company funding which heavily influences the pro-vaccines lobby. We observe this manifest within our schools, the mainstream media, professional websites and other areas of society.

We provide this page as an opportunity to balance the pro-vaccine views with the opinions of many concerned researchers and health professionals. It is important to note that what you read on these pages is independent of professional marketers, pharmaceutical budgets and the mis-information generated from this collective.

For pro-vaccine info visit our Ministry of Health and websites of the companies who sell vaccines. You can learn about some of the drug manufacturers here. To better discern information you read on the web, you can find the registered owner of any website by checking the Whois Record at, simply add the website to the Search and scroll down to see the owner.